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My 7 year anniversary

By V.J. Wakefield

Hey, everyone! I’m back and today I have a very special announcement. Today (maybe) is my 7 year anniversary with the Holy Spirit and my vision. If you don’t know or haven’t read my testimony, but this day is special to me because through this vision, I recieved the Holy Spirit into my heart.

I can’t believe that it has been 7 years since that glourious day! There has been so many adventures, ups and downs that we have been through, and I am excitied to see what adventures we will have in the years to come. I want to thank Jesus, God and The Holy Spirit for staying with me and for not giving up on me and helping to stay strong in my faith and helping me to keep calm and love Him.

During my vision, I was listening to a beautiful song called O Holy Night, sung by Josh Groban. It still is to this day the most beautiful and meaningful song to me, so to celebrate, I will put the song on my blog for you to listen to.

Cheers to seven years with The Holy Spirit, Jesus and God in my heart and the vision I had, and to the many years to come.

Also, Thank you for reading!

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