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Clue #6

By V.J. Wakefield

Though she’s only been in one area in this case,

This is in the capital of this place.

Across the Atlantic is where this places lies,

Full of nothing but blue skies.

This is a place as Chicago is to Illinois and London is to England.

Can you figure out where V.J. was able to stand?

Or more accurately where she was able to land?

If you are able to comment this answer,

An award will be in your hands.

Clue #5

By V.J. Wakefeild

My beaches are many, both silent and loud,

and you can fall asleep to my calming sound.

Out of all of the beaches that you went,

There was on that V.J. and her family were of sent.

A beach that was a tourist trap,

Full of stores and restaurants that are littered all over the map.

Keep looking and looking and thinking,

So you can find the prize for the taking.

Comment what your thinking is and we’ll see,

Who the winners will be.

Thank You!

By V.J. Wakefield

You might be thinking:

“Why is she thanking us?”

Well, it’s because I’ve just hit 50 FOLLOWERS!

I want to thank, first, God, Jesus Christ and The Holy Spirit for giving me this opportunity to share my art to the world and helping me learn how to spread His awesomeness throughout the entire world. And also for the experiences and the ability to even do this.

Next I would like to thank my family for encouraging me to do this and my parents for supporting me.

Finally, I would like to thank all of you from around the world for liking, commenting and just reading my stuff. It really means alot to me when you guys do that

I am honored that I am a blogger and am able to share and have people read what I write. It really is a dream that I always had and this might be the first step towards that.

So to celebrate this please comment your blog, what it’s about and just introduce yourself to this entire community.

Thank you all for reading what I write.

Clue #4

By V.J. Wakefield

In this place,

Citizens fought huge beasts,

A certain dance was formed,

Where the curious born

Where many who visit may look around discover

And where your answer is for you to uncover

All you need to do is comment and you’ll win the prize.

And you might find the place a surprise.

Clue #3

By V.J Wakefield

One of ten Countries use this language,

Across Europe, Asia, South and North America.

But which one is it?

Well, keep searching until you find the perfect fit.

Comment what the answer is,

For the reward that is hard to miss.

Clue #2

By V.J Wakefield

Comment your guesses, please!

This place was in an episode of Game of Thrones, when the show started to explode.

Clue #1

By V.J Wakefield

An English red telephone pole, NOT in England? Hmm…

This place has a large rock or also known as a boulder, in a place in Europe in a country that’s like Europe’s shoulder.

Where am I?

By V.J Wakefeild

Now, this title might seem very strange, because I do know where I am, but why am I questioning it? Well, in my last post, I mentioned that I came up with ideas during my vacation, well this is actually one of those ideas. So, who wants to play a game? This game is going to be like Carmen Sandiego, named, Where in the World is V.J Wakefield? ( All Carmen Sandiego references belong to the creator of Carmen Sandiego along with the title).

Here are the rules

1.) No Cheating

2.) No bribing me. I put my email up on the blog, but you’re not allowed to use it.

3.) You’re allowed to use the internet and other resources

4.) Only one guess per clue. I will post a clue each day, and only one guess per post to the end.

5.)Have fun

Okay, so now that the rules are over with, let me tell you how you can comment. You can comment a place (ie, England, Venezuela), you can guess a specific place (ie, The effiel tower) or town (ie Hershey Philidelphia), or both like the previous example.


One of your posts (of your choice) on my blog (re blog)

If your an artist, then one of your works of art on my blog


At the end of thge competition, I will announce the winner so please look out for that. I will also write of my expirience in the place that I was.

Thank you for reading, and…

Let the game BEGIN!

I’m Back

By V.J Wakefeild

Guess who’s back! Today I have just returned from my trip with my family. Now, I will list what I will do.

First, I will create a game based around the place I have been. More info coming soon.

Second, I will regale my adventures in the place I went to and expect it to be a series.

Thirdly, some ideas I had during the vacation

Okay that’s all, and thank you for all of your nice comments!

Thank you for writing!

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