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Where am I?

By V.J Wakefeild

Now, this title might seem very strange, because I do know where I am, but why am I questioning it? Well, in my last post, I mentioned that I came up with ideas during my vacation, well this is actually one of those ideas. So, who wants to play a game? This game is going to be like Carmen Sandiego, named, Where in the World is V.J Wakefield? ( All Carmen Sandiego references belong to the creator of Carmen Sandiego along with the title).

Here are the rules

1.) No Cheating

2.) No bribing me. I put my email up on the blog, but you’re not allowed to use it.

3.) You’re allowed to use the internet and other resources

4.) Only one guess per clue. I will post a clue each day, and only one guess per post to the end.

5.)Have fun

Okay, so now that the rules are over with, let me tell you how you can comment. You can comment a place (ie, England, Venezuela), you can guess a specific place (ie, The effiel tower) or town (ie Hershey Philidelphia), or both like the previous example.


One of your posts (of your choice) on my blog (re blog)

If your an artist, then one of your works of art on my blog


At the end of thge competition, I will announce the winner so please look out for that. I will also write of my expirience in the place that I was.

Thank you for reading, and…

Let the game BEGIN!


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