Venezuela Update #4

By V.J Wakefield

It’s that time again! It’s Venezuela update time! This time the article that we are using today is by BBC News which is called Venezuela crisis: Migrants dash to cross Peru border. So let’s get into this.

As the title of the article suggests, along with the article, ” Thousands of Venezuelans have rushed to cross into Peru in a bid to beat the introduction of tougher migration laws” (BBC Para, 1). Since we talked about the Peru border opening up, it is logical that the people would leave, and this does sound good because of ” The country’s imploding economy has resulted in high unemployment and shortages of food and medicine, and hundreds of thousands of people are said to be in need of humanitarian aid” (BBC Para,5). However, according to my mom, a Venezuelan woman who knows her people, most might not want to leave or may be unable to find stable jobs. Let me explain.

Yes, most people would want to leave, “Marianni Luzardo was travelling to Peru’s northern border with her two daughters on Friday. “In Venezuela it is almost impossible to get a passport,” she told the Associated Press. “We need to get to Peru soon” (BBC Para 7), however, I have seen a trend of people not wanting to leave either because they are loyal to the president, or because they were living in Venezuela their whole lives and leaving would be leaving a piece of themselves behind. My mother has put it like this, ” If they leave, most likely the hardworking engineers would start cleaning the roads.”

Here is the chart of the migration out of Venezuela:

Map showing emigration routes

Due to the migration, “Latin American countries host the vast majority of Venezuelan migrants and refugees. Colombia has the most at 1.3 million, followed by Peru with 768,000, according to UN figures” (BBC Para,11). Additionally “Nearly 6,000 Venezuelans entered through the border town of Tumbes on Thursday, officials said, which is almost three times the daily average” ( BBC Para, 11 ). Additionaly, “Nearly 6,000 Venezuelans entered through the border town of Tumbes on Thursday, officials said, which is almost three times the daily average” (BBC Para, ). This means that there might be more regulations on migrations out of the country, which is actually happening now in Peru, as said by Peru’s President, Martin Vizcarra “”Our country has opened its arms to more than 800,000 Venezuelans,” he told reporters at an event in the northern city of Piura. “I think it’s completely logical and justified to ask them to bring visas to ensure better control of who enters.”” (BBC Para, 10). But luckily, as said by the president of Peru and the article, “Prior to Saturday’s deadline, Venezuelan citizens wanting to enter Peru only require a national ID card” (BBC Para, 6).

Please read the article that I have used for this article:

Here is the citation for credit reasons:

“Venezuela Crisis: Migrants Dash to Cross Peru Border.” BBC News, BBC, 15 June 2019,

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Please comment what you think about this situation.

Venezuela update #3

By V.J. Wakefield

 Today is once again Venezuela update number three and today we will be talking about the article Venezuela partially opens border with Colombia that was shut in February written by a reporter for Reuters named Brian Ellsworth and Deisy Buitrago. Also edited by Leslie Adler. 
  The article states that "Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro on Friday announced a partial opening of the country’s border with Colombia, which his government closed in February as opposition leaders prepared an ultimately failed effort to bring aid into the country" (Para 1, Ellsworth).  I believe, (and this is just an opinion), it is great news that the border is opening up. The reason I think this is because of what the article says. In the article, it shows " The closures caused economic problems for border towns that have increasingly come to rely on Colombian cities for basic goods and services" (Para 4, Ellsworth). This event means that money was not coming into Venezuela's border towns which depended on the Colombian cities over time for the aforementioned goods and services and for the money that they need to survive. And with the opening of the Colombian borders, there hopefully, will be more money going into the border towns, and hopefully, more people will leave Venezuela due to the country  "...suffering a hyperinflationary economic collapse resulting from the unraveling of its socialist system" (Para 6, Ellsworth). The people who reside at the border has been so desperate for their basic needs and medical needs, that, once again, the article stated that "Many citizens have resorted to illegal crossings over backroads, at times paying tolls to criminals who controlled passage, in order to get groceries or basic medical treatment" (Para 5 Ellsworth).  Even the opposition leader, Juan Guaidó has had a hard time. "Guaido, who has been recognized by dozens of countries as Venezuela’s legitimate head of state, attempted to bring food and hygiene supplies into the country in February. Troops and police pushed back the aid trucks, two of which went up in flames" (Ellsworth Para 7).  
However, due to the small opening, there might be a little glimmer of hope to either get supplies and resources or to get out of there as soon as possible and to safety.   

Below is the article I used and the citation if you would like to read it:

Here it is:

Citation: Ellsworth, Brian, and Deisy Buitrago. “Venezuela Partially Opens Border with Colombia That Was Shut in…” Edited by Leslie Adler, Reuters, Thomson Reuters, 8 June 2019,

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Please comment about what you think about this whole situation and what you think of it.

Venezuela Update #2

By V.J Wakefeild

     Sorry for the wait, but now, onto update #2. According to a news website called Reuters and an article written by Brian Ellsworth, “A Venezuelan general called on the country’s armed forces on Sunday to rise up against President Nicolas Maduro, who has relied on the backing of the military to hold on to power despite an economic collapse” (Ellsworth para 1). What this means for the country is that they might be starting to stand up against the tyrannical government that they have. This general is “Ramon Rangel, who identified himself as an air force general…” ( Ellsworth para 2). He made a youtube video addressing the people of Venezuela and saying ” “We have to find a way to get rid of the fear, to go out into the streets, to protest, and to seek a military union to change this political system,” Rangel, dressed in a suit with a copy of the constitution in his hand, said in a video posted on YouTube. “It’s time to rise up”” (Ellsworth, Rangel para 3). This means that he is telling the people to stand up, fight for freedom fearlessly. However, it is not so cut and dry. As explained by the article, “While Rangel’s pronouncement marks another blow to Maduro after a handful of similar defections by senior officers this year, there is little to indicate that he will tip the scales” (Ellsworth para 4).

     The reason why is because most of Venezuela’s military is still on Maduro’s side. “Officers who have disavowed Maduro have fled the country and the military top brass – most notably those who command troops – continues to recognize Maduro” (Ellsworth para 5). This would mean is that even though this is like a punch to the gut, this might not indicate that he will make a critical difference because the military is still loyal to Maduro. And there is more to the story. And it suggests that Rangel is not all he seems. According to the article, they said that Rangel has actually fled Colombia last month and is now known as a traitor to the people. “Air Force Commander Pedro Juliac posted a picture of Rangel on Twitter on Sunday with the words “traitor to the Venezuelan people and the revolution” printed across the image. Rangel was an active military officer who fled to Colombia last month, according to a source close to Venezuela’s military who asked not to be identified. Unlike other officers who have made similar pronouncements, Rangel did not voice support for Juan Guaido – the opposition leader who invoked the constitution in January to assume the interim presidency, arguing that Maduro’s 2018 re-election was a fraud” (Ellsworth para 6,7,8).

     I’m not sure how to interpret this however I hope that after reading this article where the information that you would interpret it your way and in the comments tell me what you think about this. 

Thank you for reading!

Venezuela Update #1

By V.J Wakefeild

All works used are not mine. The sources used are at the bottom of the post.

This is the first update about Venezuela and what is going on. So let’s get into it. So today, according to an article written by Chris Mills Rodrigo for The Hill named Scott: Need to ‘consider’ using the military to get aid to Venezuela, Florida senator Rick Scott said that America should “”consider” using military force to get aid into Venezuela” (Rodrigo para 1). This means that the government of America is considering giving military aid to Venezuela. He also said at the State of the Union on CNN, ““I think we’ve got to take seriously there is genocide going on in Venezuela right now. [Venezuelan President Nicolas] Maduro is intentionally starving his citizens””( Rodrigo para 2). Scott then said “”We’ve got to really consider whether we do military help getting this aid in to save the starving people in Venezuela,” he added. “I mean this is genocide, and Maduro is doing it”” ( Rodrigo para 3). And through these statements, hopefully, the Americas might start sending the military to aid Venezuela.

Even though things are getting better, this does not mean we should stop praying to God for the people. And with our efforts, with God’s help the crisis in Venezuela can finally end. So keep praying!

Please comment your thoughts on the matter!

Here is the source I used ( you may have to copy and paste it):

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Prayers for Venezuela

By V.J Wakefeild

As most of you probably know, the country of Venezuela is currently a war zone. It is in absolute chaos because of their government, which is a narco-dictatorship, and the people have had enough of their mistreatment. An example is that water prices are higher than the price for oil. This means that most people are literally dying of thirst, and they are also dying because of the protests getting out of hand and the police beating some people and some had even died. So, why am I writing this? Because part of my family is from Venezuela. My family and I have taken many trips to Venezuela where my abuelita and my tio lived (grandmother and uncle). I have seen poverty at its peak. Multiple people living in a house that is no bigger than a single bedroom. Plus, there are other rich countries whose governments steal the resources which Venezuela holds. This is a fight of interest, or also known as money. The reason why they are fighting to keep Venezuela the way it is is because Venezuela has riches that is and was unheard of. And they think that if they have control over Venezuela, then they can have all of the riches to become more powerful. However, things are starting to become better. There are currently 50 countries, including America, who are fighting alongside the people of Venezuela to end this disorder, and we can help too. I am writing to you guys to help pray for these people. Please pray for the restoration of peace. Democracy and for fair treatment and justice. This might not seem like much but don’t underestimate the power of God, the Lord of light who always stomps out the darkness. I’ll provide a couple of links that will lead you to some articles on the matter. I’ll also do weekly updates on the matter and to show you what has been happening so far.

Please comment support for the country and prayers please.

Here are the articles that have been posted today: (You might need to copy and paste the URL) also there are some videos. These do not belong to me, they belong to the owners of the videos and websites.

This belongs to BBC News

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