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Venezuela Update #1

By V.J Wakefeild

All works used are not mine. The sources used are at the bottom of the post.

This is the first update about Venezuela and what is going on. So let’s get into it. So today, according to an article written by Chris Mills Rodrigo for The Hill named Scott: Need to ‘consider’ using the military to get aid to Venezuela, Florida senator Rick Scott said that America should “”consider” using military force to get aid into Venezuela” (Rodrigo para 1). This means that the government of America is considering giving military aid to Venezuela. He also said at the State of the Union on CNN, ““I think we’ve got to take seriously there is genocide going on in Venezuela right now. [Venezuelan President Nicolas] Maduro is intentionally starving his citizens””( Rodrigo para 2). Scott then said “”We’ve got to really consider whether we do military help getting this aid in to save the starving people in Venezuela,” he added. “I mean this is genocide, and Maduro is doing it”” ( Rodrigo para 3). And through these statements, hopefully, the Americas might start sending the military to aid Venezuela.

Even though things are getting better, this does not mean we should stop praying to God for the people. And with our efforts, with God’s help the crisis in Venezuela can finally end. So keep praying!

Please comment your thoughts on the matter!

Here is the source I used ( you may have to copy and paste it):

Thank you for reading!


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