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He is Alive! Part 2

This is part 2 of my original post, and the reason why was because it took a while to upload the video to work on it. But now it is finally done! So if you have kids or are just interested, then just copy and paste the video link in the search bar.

Praise the Lord and Savior! And also thank you.

Please comment Praises for our king!

He is Alive! Part 1

By V.J Wakefeild

Today is the day, when Jesus proved that He is in,fact, our Lord and Savior, and the son of the one and only God, by rising from the grave. He is real, alive and enough. Hallelujah! And to celebrate, here is a link to my church’s celebration and the pastor’s teaching. Go to the 3 minute mark because it is a live stream. Also you might need to copy and paste the url.

Next, here is some songs that I would recommend to listen to:

Revelation song by Kari Kobe

This is Amazing Grace by Phil Wickman

Reckless Love by Cory Asbury

Redeemed by Big Daddy Weave

You Say By Lauren Daigle

Mighty to Save by Hillsong Worship

I can Only Imagine by Mercyme

Finally, either tomorrow or today, I will publish part 2 which is a video of me reading the book An Easter Gift for Me by Crystal Bowman and was illustrated by Claudine Gévry is a kid’s book about the Easter story, if you have kids or just are interested, please feel free to watch!

Please comment praises for our Lord and Savior! Amen!

Venezuela Update #1

By V.J Wakefeild

All works used are not mine. The sources used are at the bottom of the post.

This is the first update about Venezuela and what is going on. So let’s get into it. So today, according to an article written by Chris Mills Rodrigo for The Hill named Scott: Need to ‘consider’ using the military to get aid to Venezuela, Florida senator Rick Scott said that America should “”consider” using military force to get aid into Venezuela” (Rodrigo para 1). This means that the government of America is considering giving military aid to Venezuela. He also said at the State of the Union on CNN, ““I think we’ve got to take seriously there is genocide going on in Venezuela right now. [Venezuelan President Nicolas] Maduro is intentionally starving his citizens””( Rodrigo para 2). Scott then said “”We’ve got to really consider whether we do military help getting this aid in to save the starving people in Venezuela,” he added. “I mean this is genocide, and Maduro is doing it”” ( Rodrigo para 3). And through these statements, hopefully, the Americas might start sending the military to aid Venezuela.

Even though things are getting better, this does not mean we should stop praying to God for the people. And with our efforts, with God’s help the crisis in Venezuela can finally end. So keep praying!

Please comment your thoughts on the matter!

Here is the source I used ( you may have to copy and paste it):

Thank you for reading!

Prayers for Venezuela

By V.J Wakefeild

As most of you probably know, the country of Venezuela is currently a war zone. It is in absolute chaos because of their government, which is a narco-dictatorship, and the people have had enough of their mistreatment. An example is that water prices are higher than the price for oil. This means that most people are literally dying of thirst, and they are also dying because of the protests getting out of hand and the police beating some people and some had even died. So, why am I writing this? Because part of my family is from Venezuela. My family and I have taken many trips to Venezuela where my abuelita and my tio lived (grandmother and uncle). I have seen poverty at its peak. Multiple people living in a house that is no bigger than a single bedroom. Plus, there are other rich countries whose governments steal the resources which Venezuela holds. This is a fight of interest, or also known as money. The reason why they are fighting to keep Venezuela the way it is is because Venezuela has riches that is and was unheard of. And they think that if they have control over Venezuela, then they can have all of the riches to become more powerful. However, things are starting to become better. There are currently 50 countries, including America, who are fighting alongside the people of Venezuela to end this disorder, and we can help too. I am writing to you guys to help pray for these people. Please pray for the restoration of peace. Democracy and for fair treatment and justice. This might not seem like much but don’t underestimate the power of God, the Lord of light who always stomps out the darkness. I’ll provide a couple of links that will lead you to some articles on the matter. I’ll also do weekly updates on the matter and to show you what has been happening so far.

Please comment support for the country and prayers please.

Here are the articles that have been posted today: (You might need to copy and paste the URL) also there are some videos. These do not belong to me, they belong to the owners of the videos and websites.

This belongs to BBC News

Thank you for reading.

He Listens

By V.J Wakefield

Last year I had a hard season. I had doubts and stress which did not really make me happy. One day, I was having a bonfire with my family, and I decided to take a walk and take in the scenery. When I was alone, I called out to God and ask Him to show me a sign. To show me that He was there and that He cared. Then something happened.
When I looked into the sky I saw a cloud . At first, I thought that it was a regular cloud, but then it morphed into a heart. It meant that He was listening! I praised the Lord and asked for mercy and I felt God’s love and beauty wash over me. This showed me that not only was He listening, but He is actively working to show me that I am loved. This also showed me that He does care, and He loves you, and no matter what, He is always listening. This also came through when I received The Holy Spirit.
Prior to my vision mentioned in my testimony, I had noticed that there was a hole in my heart. It felt like a literal black hole, or that there was a missing puzzle piece in my heart. And while I was worshiping God on that fateful night, He showed me that He was listening to my prayers not only at that moment but even before when I was praying about this situation. He also showed me that He was and still is actively working in my life, as well as yours, and is working diligently to answer your prayers. Sometimes they are yes’s. Sometimes no’s. Sometimes you have to wait a while. But some people often assume that when they are praying, their pleas would just zip past God’s ears or that He was too busy, but that is absolutely wrong. No matter what, He cares for you and loves you with the deepest passion in existence, and He wants you to talk to Him, and He always has time for you. And no matter what, He always listens.

1 John 5:15 – “And if we know that he hears us—whatever we ask—we know that we have what we asked of him.”

Please comment a time where God had listened to you.

My surgery

By V.J Wakefield

I’m sorry for the recent hiatus. On March 25th I had surgery on my nose and over the spring break, I had to heal. Due to the prayers and mercy and love of God, I was able to have a speedy recovery. I also have a high tolerance for pain. However, I just had stitches and 2 tubes taken out (it was a weird experience), and I am swollen so I might not be able to write as much, but I’ll try to manage. With God of course. However, I will try to work on what I have said that I am doing. I will keep my promises and write about what I said I will and hopefully finish it all. After this, I will be posting new content which is more Christ-oriented.

Please comment below about any suggestions on what I should write if you want anything. Make sure that they are appropriate and nothing horrible or nasty or rude.

God bless you all

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