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My surgery

By V.J Wakefield

I’m sorry for the recent hiatus. On March 25th I had surgery on my nose and over the spring break, I had to heal. Due to the prayers and mercy and love of God, I was able to have a speedy recovery. I also have a high tolerance for pain. However, I just had stitches and 2 tubes taken out (it was a weird experience), and I am swollen so I might not be able to write as much, but I’ll try to manage. With God of course. However, I will try to work on what I have said that I am doing. I will keep my promises and write about what I said I will and hopefully finish it all. After this, I will be posting new content which is more Christ-oriented.

Please comment below about any suggestions on what I should write if you want anything. Make sure that they are appropriate and nothing horrible or nasty or rude.

God bless you all


12 thoughts on “My surgery

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  1. I trust that you’re recovering well. I like what I see so I’ll be looking forward to the new posts. God bless.

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      1. You’re welcome and that’s good to hear! Yes, he is good all the time. 😄


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