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Clue #7

By V.J. Wakefield

As the challenge comes to an end,

You have to figure out where she was sent

In the mountains is where she was at,

Where she ate, laughed, talked and sat.

AS they went up, they saw stores, resturaunts and shops

They ate shopped until they dropped.

Where was this place you say?

Well comment below where you think they stayed.

And you might get a nice apperance on my blog

A like, a comment, or maybe a re-blog.


6 thoughts on “Clue #7

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  1. You have been registered as a ‘follower’ to our blog in close to 2 months.
    During this time we have published close to 30 new posts with approximately 80 new pitures, but –
    we have found no responses from you? Which tell us that you are not really ‘following’ us!
    Your profile will be lifted from our mailing lists as of today!

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  2. It’s all up to you! Now you know tht we are monitoring all our followers. Instead of thousands (that are not really there) we have approximately a hundred, but that’s a hundred that do respond! And our electronic ‘watch dogs’ will undoubtedly sniff out any ‘follower’ that have registered for the wrong reasons.
    Your profile was deleted, but on your promise you may re-enlist for another couple of months, and then we’ll take it from there? OK with you?

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