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Cancer CURE

By V.J. Wakefield

You might think that this is ridiculous. That this is not possible and that this is clickbait. But you’d be wrong. According to the article, Scientists believe they will have ‘a complete cure for cancer’ within the year by Harry Brent, a reporter for The Irish Post, they said that, as the title already suggests, “ISRAELI SCIENTISTS believe they might have just found the cure for cancer and say they will be able to offer it to patients within the year” (Brent, para 1). This is game-changing in the field of medicine. This might potentially save lives without any side effects, as the article suggests, and a man they interviewed named Dan Arido who worked for the treatment (which is called MuTaTo which means Multi-target toxin) said “Our cancer cure will be effective from day one, will last a duration of a few weeks and will have no or minimal side-effects at a much lower cost than most other treatments on the market,” he added” ( Brent, para 5). This would mean that there would be no side effects like hair loss which usually comes with cancer treatment. Now the type of cancer this can be used for is not very specifically pointed to in the article, however, it might be all the cancers because it always refers to it as ‘the cancer’. Hopefully, there will be joy and hope from now and into the future for people who has cancer or people who had been impacted by cancer.

Please check out the link to the article below please!:

Here is the citation for credit reasons:

Brent, Harry. “Scientists Believe They Will Have ‘a Complete Cure for Cancer’ within the Year.” The Irish Post, The Irish Post, 9 June 2019,

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