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Scripture tales: A Prideful Grade Part 1

By V.J Wakefield

Season 1 Episode 1

“Today I will give you the tools to prepare for the final exam.” Said Mr. Gern, the chemistry teacher. The entire class groaned as the pressure of finals suddenly thickened the air. “I will give you the review guide and a cheat sheet to prepare for the test and to be eligible for the curve. I am expecting the review guide to be completed by the day of the final along with the cheat sheet which can be used during the test.” As he went around passing out the thick packets and pink sheets, Grace started to nervously twist her grey hair between her fingers. She knew that she was good at chemistry, but she did not really think highly how well she was at it. She knew that she had to prepare for this test, even though she was pretty good at it. The bell rang and she headed out of class. “Hey, shorty Gracie.” “Hey, Caleb.” Caleb, her best friend, always called her this because of his tall and lanky stature compared to her. ” Are you nervous about the test?” She asked him. “No, not really. Besides, I am really good at chemistry. I got an A on the last test, so I expect this one to go swimmingly.” She looked at him strangely. “But that was only one test dude. How do you know that you’ll get an A on this one?” He pauses, then says “Because I’m pretty good at it. What about you?” “I am pretty nervous. I am hoping to get all of my questions out and finish what needs to be done.” Caleb chuckles as they turn the corner towards grace’s art class and the library. “Well, in my opinion, that is something to flaunt off. Bye.” He walks off towards the library as she enters her class. But isn’t that pride? She thought.


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