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Anxiety and me

By V.J. Wakefield

This might seem like the kind of blog that might be sad and depressing, but I promise it isn’t!

In my life, I and anxiety don’t really mix well together. During my life, I developed anxiety due to my loss of sleep due to school, and just to me being anxious almost all of the time. And it really sucked, because it impacted my life to having not enough sleep to more than enough, to my relationship with God going up, and then down, then back up again. Sometimes when I try to relax, I can’t because I would be anxious. I would act really weird in front of other people, and forget a lot of things. I wanted this cycle of anxiety to stop because it was starting to take over my life and relationship with God. Luckily God had brought my Bible app to attention, and to a certain plan on the app.

See, I had the YouVersion app, which had the Bible along with study plans, and the particular study plan that God pushed my attention towards was this one plan called Stress Free Living by Guillermo Maldonado. Through this plan, I learned what was wrong. I needed to give Jesus my anxiety. I think the reason why I’ve kept it to myself was that I thought that I was strong enough to take it all on myself, however, I didn’t face the reality that I wasn’t and that I needed his help. Last night I decided to give Him all of my anxiety and in an instant, I was immediately calm. I was able to sleep again and the morning was quite calm. He did it. He got rid of my anxiety and showed me how to cope with it. He showed me that I should not just run but sprint into His arms when I have anxiety, because this is one of the things that He sent his Son, Jesus, to free us from the mental prison I lock myself into. I thank Jesus, God and The Holy Spirit for helping me from now and into the future.

During writing this, I thought about a scripture that I have recently read in the study plan. It was Psalm 46: 1-2. It states, “God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble. Therefore we will not fear, though the earth give way and the mountains fall into the heart of the sea…” (Bible gateway). The reason why I thought of this scripture for this post was that it was true! You have to run into Jesus, God and The Holy Spirit’s arms if you feel sad, lonely or are in danger or in hard times, and because of this we should not fear, but instead be calm because God is here.

Thank you for reading!



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